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Fisheries: Tools, resources and research

This is a research round-up of our tools, resources and research that support an EBM approach to fisheries management. It is a living document, and more will be added as they develop. Latest update: 2 August 2021


The long-term economic use of our marine resources is dependent on healthy marine ecosystems. Fisheries (commercial, customary, and recreational) are significant marine resources for Aotearoa New Zealand. To ensure fishing remains a sustainable way of life for future generations, the Government has made progressing towards ecosystem-based fisheries management approaches a priority. Together with our Māori partners and stakeholders we are developing knowledge, tools and resources to support this.

Available now

Fisheries and a blue economy

Fisheries law, policy and legislation research

Exploring management scenarios

Building baseline knowledge

Filling in marine data gaps

Improving decision-making

Active research

The projects listed below under 'Related projects' are investigating ways to improve and modernise fisheries management and practices, and to help the understanding of how EBM can work for fisheries.