Vision Mātauranga

We worked with Māori to capture their needs and aspirations for marine management, and to unlock the potential of mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge), resources and people.

Our goal was for Māori communities to participate in Sustainable Seas Challenge research. We wanted our research outputs and outcomes to empower both traditional and contemporary mātauranga Māori in any ecosystem-based management approach in Aotearoa New Zealand’s marine environment.

The Challenge’s Vision Mātauranga programme provided oversight, assistance and active guidance to science leaders and researchers in the application of the New Zealand Government’s Vision Mātauranga policy, and pathways for the delivery and uptake of research outcomes for Māori.

To achieve this, the 2014–2019 programme had an implementation plan, an iwi engagement plan, a mātauranga in science plan, and a fund that enabled Māori communities to participate in the research of the Challenge.

Led by James Whetu (Whetu Consultancy Group), this programme:
  • Developed and enhanced relationships with iwi, with a particular focus on iwi in Te Tau Ihu (top of the South Island).
  • Supported the involvement of Māori in research projects.
  • Sought, gathered, incorporated and integrated mātauranga Māori into research projects.
  • Developed understanding of how kaupapa Māori research is carried out within transdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research.
  • Sought to develop distinctive and innovative approaches to manage our marine environment.

Find our about Vision Mātauranga in our Phase II (2019–2024) research