Details of upcoming and past events that we have organised or are involved in.

Dolphin in Kaikōura
Credit: Jen Milius
27 Apr

Webinar: Cetacean conservation planning: dealing with uncertainty & data gaps

In this webinar, Fabrice Stephenson (NIWA), will present a tool that can be used to visualise cetacean diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand. This research is from the Communicating risk and…

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Ecological responses to cumulative effects
Credit: Ōhiwa Harbour, Sustainable Seas
20 May


Webinar: Shady business: The problem with mud in our estuaries

Our estuaries are in trouble. One of the main culprits is sediment from land run-off which can darken the waters and increases muddiness when it settles on the seabed. This can…

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