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A systems mapping approach to understanding marine stressors in Hawke's Bay

Webinar presentation by Carolyn Lundquist, Anna Madarasz-Smith, Becky Shanahan and Justin Connolly, 8 December 2020 (34 mins + Q&A)

In this webinar, speakers Carolyn Lundquist (NIWA), Anna Madarasz-Smith (HBRC), Becky Shanahan (HBRC) and Justin Connolly (Deliberate) presented the outputs from stage 1 of the Hawke’s Bay regional study

The key output was a systems map of 2 marine stressors in Hawke's Bay - freshwater sedimentation and loss of benthic (seabed) structure. This map will help identify mechanisms and levers to inform critical levels of these stressors and their interactions. 

Presentation time: 34 minutes

Q&A session time: 36 minutes

The slides from this webinar are available to download below.

Supporting resources 

The Stage 1 outputs discussed were:

Other Sustainable Seas tools and resources were also referenced in the webinar. They were:


  • Webinar presentation - Systems mapping marine stressors in Hawke's Bay

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    Presentation slides for webinar given Tuesday 8 December 2020