This research centres and is led by Māori, to explore the development of EBM that is founded on, and informed by mātauranga and tikanga Māori.

Led by Beth Tupara-Katene

This research places Māori at its centre, and aims to promote and support Māori-led or partnered projects to enable direct benefits to those iwi and hapū involved.

These projects are:

  • Developing models that embody a harmonisation of mātauranga Māori and western science, and enables tangata whenua- and rohe-specific approaches and outcomes
  • Enhancing and implementing mātauranga Māori to enable innovative governance and jurisdiction models at different scales, and recognises Māori rights and interests
  • Working collaboratively across projects to ensure aTe Ao Māori approach to research outputs and outcomes

One project is still being co-developed.