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Aotearoa Cumulative Effects (ACE) framework

A tool to guide collaborative management of cumulative effects across a range of scales

Managing cumulative effects (CE) from human activities and natural events is one of the most urgent and complex problems facing Aotearoa’s coastal and marine decision-makers today.

ACE is designed to be used in an iterative, cyclical manner. For example, after collectively answering the questions in the framework, identified actions should be checked to make sure that they align with the original vision and goals. Although the questions are applicable across all scales, the answers to the questions are likely to change depending on context.

Where answers do not align across scales, steps should be taken to negotiate management resolutions based on the overarching CE management principles.

The framework was developed with Māori and stakeholders and is underpinned by the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi, especially regarding partnership and rangatiratanga.

The ACE framework


  • Research round-up: Enabling inter-agency collaboration on cumulative effects

    6.9 MB | Adobe Acrobat PDF file

    This lay summary describes the Aotearoa Cumulative Effects (ACE) framework, how it was developed, and overarching principles for CE management