Credit: Dave Allen NIWA

Vision Mātauranga Leadership Group

The group supports our research to unlock the innovation potential of Māori knowledge, resources and people.

For the second phase of the Challenge, we are taking a more focused, integrated and transdisciplinary approach to our research. To support this we have established the Vision Mātauranga (VM) Leadership Group, which will provide active support and advice around the implementation of VM in each of the themes.

Together, its members bring a strong collective experience and background in research, iwi/hapū interests, mātauranga Māori networks and connections, policy development, fisheries, relationship management and engagement. 

The group is led by our Manahautū (Deputy Director Māori) Linda Faulkner, and Tangaroa Programme Leader Shaun Awatere, and includes Māori Project Leaders from our research themes and the Tangaroa Programme.

 The VM Leadership Group will:

  • VM Leaders will collaborate with theme leaders and project team(s) to identify criteria, measures and outcomes for Māori
  • Plan and develop VM initiatives, performance measures, and activities
  • Share information, networks and connections relevant to embedding VM in our research
  • Provide leadership within themes and across the Challenge
  • Build capability within the group and more broadly across each theme
  • Provide leadership to Te Hononga (the collective of all Māori researchers in the Challenge).
Linda Faulkner

Manahautū (Deputy Director Māori)

Linda is of Ngāti Rangi and Whanganui descent from the southern central plateau region and the Whanganui River. She has worked for many years in the environmental management sector and has spent much of her career seeking to facilitate recognition and application of mātauranga Māori to mainstream environments.

Linda is currently the Director of Tutaiao Ltd., a private consultancy focusing on people, policy and planning. In her previous position she was General Manager Māori at the EPA, where she gained extensive experience in the area of environmental and cultural risk assessment and management. Linda has also served on several MBIE research investment panels and worked for Te Papa supporting the developing policy and process that ensured implementation of effective bicultural partnership. Linda was previously involved with the Challenge, as the Tangaroa Programme Leader in Phase I.

Shaun Awatere

Programme Leader: Tangaroa | Ngāti Porou Kairangahau Māori

Shaun is brings a wealth of research experience across a broad range of issues. A key area of interest for Shaun is research that aims to improve the incorporation of Māori values into economic decision-making for collective assets that will enable Māori organisations to make more kaupapa Māori attuned decisions. Shaun is also a Project Co-Leader in the Risk and Uncertainty theme.

VM Leaders

Kura Paul-Burke

Ngāti Awa, Ngāti Whakahemo University of Waikato

Associate Professor Mātai Moana – Marine Research at University of Waikato, Kura is an experienced marine diver and researcher, award winning iwi environmental manager and former senior environmental lecturer. She specialises in working with hapū and iwi, implementing mātauranga Māori with bio-physical science and restoration directives for marine taonga species in coastal reefs, estuaries and harbours. Kura is a Project Leader in the Tangaroa Theme, and a Co-Leader in the Degradation and recovery Theme.

Lara Taylor

Te Arawa and Ngāti Kahungunu Kairangahau Māori, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

Lara has a Masters in Environmental Management and a background in policy and planning. Her research specialises in the integration and translation of Māori rights, interests, and values in environmental policy, strategy, planning, and legislation. This is also a key aspirational focus - seeking to improve the understanding, enabling and empowerment of mātauranga Māori/indigenous knowledge in environmental planning and decision-making. Lara is a Project Leader in the Enhancing EBM practices Theme.

Jason Mika

Tūhoe, Ngāti Awa, Whakatōhea, Ngāti Kahungunu

Jason is a senior lecturer and Te Au Rangahau Co-Director at the Massey University School of Management. His research interests include indigenous entrepreneurship, management in multiple sectors, sites and scales with a focus on how indigenous entrepreneurs, managers and firms negotiate cultural and commercial imperatives to create value using indigenous world views, knowledge, principles and practices. Jason co-led the Whai Mana, Whai Oranga project in Phase I of the Challenge and is currently Co-Leader for the Indigenising the Blue Economy in Aotearoa project in the Blue Economy Theme.