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Te Au o Te Moana story series

This series aims to whakamana (empower) the voices of researchers, co-developers, Māori partners and communities of research and practice associated with Sustainable Seas and their relationship with the moana.

The name was suggested to us as an overarching kaupapa or theme for our work by Joe Harawira from the Challenge Kāhui Māori.

Te Au o Te Moana means the voice, the sounds, the cry of the ocean. In Hawai’i they refer to this as ‘the ocean tides’ referring to the sounds, nature and size of the tides, as well as the material they carry. It denotes a voice or information/insight into what is going on above, within, and beneath the waves – a sense of the state of the ocean and our responsibility and relationship to the mauri (life force), wairua (spirit), mana (prestige), and tapu (sacrality) within.


Te Au o Te Moana -  Voice of the Ocean: Anna Madarasz-Smith

Anna Madarasz-Smith has a deep love for the moana. As a marine biologist based in Hawke's Bay, she's passionate about raising awareness of the pressure the moana is under. 

Through the Hawke's Bay regional study, she's helping figure out how stressors interact, and could be managed better.

Published August 2022
Interview by Laura Dooney 

Te Au o Te Moana - Voice of the Ocean: Vera Rullens 

Vera Rullens wanted to be a marine biologist as a child, and has achieved her dream. Her research investigates different pressures on marine ecosystems, and how they interact.

She is part of the team on the project Communicating risk and uncertainty. 

Published July 2022
Interview by Laura Dooney

Te Au o Te Moana - Voice of the Ocean: Eva Siwicka 

Eva Siwicka is passionate about helping bring about change to the way we manage our moana. She's designing tools to link New Zealanders to ocean restoration projects. 

Eva is the Project Leader for Modelling restorative economies.

Published June 2022
Interview by Laura Dooney

Te Au o Te Moana – Voice of the Ocean: Elizabeth Macpherson

Elizabeth Macpherson is looking at the legal frameworks that manage relationships between people and marine environments, and how they might be used or changed to help protect our moana for future generations.

Elizabeth is co-lead for the Policy and legislation for EBM project.

Published May 2022
Interview by Laura Dooney

Te Au o Te Moana – Voice of the Ocean: Lara Taylor

Lara Taylor speaks frankly about identity, intergenerational trauma, and the wero (challenge) to heal our places and spaces, Ki Uta Ki Tai.

Lara is a co-lead for the Enabling kaitiakitanga and EBM project.

Published March 2022
Interview by Desna Whaanga-Schollum

Te Au o Te Moana – Voice of the Ocean: Clare Bradley

Clare Bradley leads a sustainable whānau owned rimurimu/seaweed business. Her strong connection with the moana started at a young age and she is passing on a respect for our oceans to the next generation as both a business leader and mother.

Clare is part of the leadership team at AgriSea, based in Paeroa.

Published February 2022
Interview by Janel Hull


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