Posted on 03 July 2024

Tune in to our new, short docuseries, Turning the Tide

Ripples of hope have risen from the work of marine researchers, kaitiaki, and community members who’ve pooled their knowledge for the good of the ocean. Together, they’re helping to turn the tide against waves of pressure on the moana caused by harmful human activities and a changing climate.

Our new documentary series, Turning the Tide, spotlights those human activities that are helping to heal. The series is now freely available to watch on YouTube and on Radio New Zealand.

The series starts with Associate Professor Nick Shears and Professor Conrad Pilditch of the University of Auckland who look at the multiple issues impacting the health of our seas, including first-hand evidence of kina barrens in the Poor Knights Islands Marine reserve.

In the second episode, we travel to Ōhiwa Harbour to learn about the research and restoration of mussel beds being led by Professor Kura Paul-Burke of the University of Waikato with doctoral and undergraduate research students, in a mātauranga Māori-led approach.

In Queen Charlotte Sounds, we hear about kina removal from kina barrens in a trial headed by Dr Nick Shears, while Dr Nigel Bradly of Envirostrat works to improve the taste profiles of New Zealand kina removed from kina barrens, to match the palettes in international markets.

The focus in this episode is on the importance of collaboration between all parties, from local government and businesses, to Māori representatives and government departments, to obtain effective outcomes to protect the coastal marine environment.

Education and passing on knowledge is crucial for the future protection of our marine ecosystems. At both Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o ngā Mokopuna and Marlborough Girls College, they seek to instil awareness, understanding, and a desire to work towards protecting our marine environment for future generations.

Finally, the series dives into seaweed and the work of Tane and Clare Bradley at Agrisea, as one part of the collective effort required to provide guardianship of our seas and to protect them for future generations.

Throughout the series, the Challenge principles of ecosystem-based management, empowering mana moana, and the blue economy come to the surface. Together, with the knowledge in our AI-assisted research tool, Tohorā, the series offers hopeful solutions for a healthy, resilient moana now and for future generations.

Tune in today.

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