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Systems mapping marine stressors in Hawke's Bay

This report summarises the processes and outputs from Stage 1 of the Hawke's Bay regional study. Connolly J, Lundquist C, Madarasz-Smith A, Shanahan B (2020)

The key output from Stage 1 was the development of a conceptual systems map. This systems map (pictured below for context) demonstrates the interlinked influences of two main environmental stressors – freshwater sediments and disturbance of the seabed.

The report also describes how the research came about and explores the application of decision-making tools developed in Phase 1 of the Challenge in an ecosystem-based management environment; and how system mapping is used as a core methodological approach to achieve this.

Important: Sections 3 and 4 of this report provides an overview of how system mapping has been applied in this research. These sections should be read before the system maps are explored in detail, as this outlines how this approach works.

Note: This image of the systems map is for context only, see the section below titled 'Map: Systems map' for the full-size readable version.

  • Systems mapping - Hawke's Bay regional study (Stage 1) - final report

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  • Map: Systems map - Hawke's Bay regional study (Stage 1)

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