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05 Nov

Annual Conference 5-7 November 2018

The Sustainable Seas Annual Conference was held in early November 2018.

More than 220 Sustainable Seas researchers, stakeholders and Māori research partners attended the second annual conference held in Wellington in early November.

During the three-day conference researchers provided updates on the Challenge’s 40 research projects. These projects involve scientists, economists, social scientists, policy experts, lawyers and Māori.

In pre-recorded opening remarks, Sustainable Seas Board Chair Sir Rob Fenwick noted that the Challenge is about to enter its second phase – a stage he expects will result in “solid progress and constructive outcomes”.    

Rob says it’s the Challenge’s job to provide the evidence and research that policy-makers need to frame new EBM-friendly policies into the management of marine resources.

Research Book summarising progress made by the Challenge’s projects up to October 2018 has been published to coincide with the conference opening.

The conference talks are available on the Sustainable Seas YouTube Channel and you can download speakers' presentations below. They are listed in the order they were given.

Annual Conference Programme 2018

Monday 5 November 

Enabling ecosystem-based management

Julie Hall - Introduction to Sustainable Seas

Carolyn Lundquist - Ecosystem-based management principles for Aotearoa

Richard Le Heron - Participatory processes for multi-use marine environments

Jim Sinner - Understanding values for ecosystem-based management

Robert Joseph - Tūhonohono: Tikanga Māori and the law

Patrick Barrett - Community engagement in EBM/The Ongātoro/Maketū Estuary restoration

Shaun Awatere - Mauri Moana, Mauri Tangata, Mauri Ora: How do New Zealanders value marine ecosystems?

Judi Hewitt - Lessons learnt in Tasman and Golden Bays

Towards a sustainable blue economy for Aotearoa

Judi Hewitt - Introduction towards a sustainble blue economy for Aotearoa

Matt Miller - Kina bioactives

Nick Lewis - Transitioning in practice: plotting pathways to a blue economy in Aotearoa New Zealand

Jim Sinner - Understanding the social licence of New Zealand’s marine industries

Jonathan Banks - Early detection of harmful algal blooms

Vera Rullens - Linking biodiversity and marine ecosystem values using ecosystem services

Cliff Law - Coastal acidification mitigation strategies

John Reid & Jason Mika - Whai Rawa, Whai Mana, Whai Oranga: Creating a world-leading indigenous blue marine economy

Developing EBM decision-making tools

Chris Cornelisen - Introduction to developing EBM decision-making tools

Vidette McGregor - Ecosystem models: Atlantis

Heni Unwin and Ross Vennell - Interactive tools

David Thompson - Defining the marine habitat of seabirds

Richard Bulmer - Incorporating multiple stressors in decision support tools

Tuesday 6 November

Understanding degradation and recovery (part 1) 

Conrad Pilditch - Understanding degradation and recovery in marine ecosystems

Steve Wing - Ecosystem connectivity: tracking biochemical fluxes to inform EBM

Candida Savage - Tipping points - soft sediments

Craig Stevens - Stressor footprints and dynamics

Regan Fairlie - Te Tāhuhu Matatau Ao Tangaroa: Using science to support kaitiaki

Understanding degradation and recovery (part 2) 

Nick Shears - Tipping points - rocky reefs

Daniel Le Duc - Tipping points - rocky reefs

Kate Davies and Gemma Couzens - Navigating marine social-ecological systems - enabling collaboration on cumulative effects

Gert-Jan Jeunen - Quantifying marine biodiversity using environmental DNA

Drew Lohrer - Measuring ecosystems services and assessing impacts

Addressing risk and uncertainty

Judi Hewitt - Introduction to addressing risk and uncertainty

Simon Thrush - Implications for assessing risk and uncertainty in the real world

Gabby O'Connor - Place-based art and science: connecting communities

Fabrice Stephenson - Including uncertainty in biodiversity layers in decision support tools

Emily Douglas - Uncertainty in mapping of the pollution removal ecosystem service

Graeme Inglis - Novel risk assessment tools for EBM

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