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Protect our future: perspectives from the UN Oceans conference

Webinar presentation by Sally Paterson (Live Ocean Foundation) and Nigel Bradly (EnviroStrat) August 2022 (20mins + q&a)

Save our ocean, protect our future was the tagline for the 2022 UN Ocean Conference, held in Lisbon, Portugal, at the end of June. Thousands gathered to discuss the rapid decline of the ocean’s health, and to seek science-based and innovative solutions to improve it.  

Among them were New Zealanders Sally Paterson, from the Live Ocean Foundation, and Nigel Bradly, from EnviroStrat who is involved in three of our blue economy research projects.  

In this webinar they share what’s being done to protect the ocean’s future, and ours, on a global scale; and highlight what New Zealand is doing well, where we need to do better, and where the opportunities lie. 

Recorded: Tuesday August 30

Presentation: 20 minutes, q&a 23 minutes 

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