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Auahatanga from Authenticity: Maximising opportunities for Akaroa Salmon and Ōnuku Rūnanga

This report is focused primarily on auahatanga (differentiation) – differentiating kaitiaki-generated products from commodities and diversifying Māori activity in the marine economy. Whitehead J, Rout M, Mika J, Reid J, Wiremu F, Gillies A, McLellan G, Ruha C & Tainui R (August 2023)

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We addressed the theme of auahatanga by working with Ōnuku Rūnanga to explore solutions, including indigenous market options, premium markets, new economic opportunities, and strategies to attract high value for an indigenous salmon product. Our research focused on product differentiation and market risk reduction through diversification in the marine economy. 

The following specific challenges were identified in the Indigenising the blue economy proposal that the Ōnuku Rūnanga case study addressed: 

  • Exploring market assurance systems that communicate to high-end customers the Indigenous values to differentiate products and obtain premiums. 
  • Exploring ways in which mātauranga and tikanga guided governance, management, and operations can be utilised to add value in international markets through branding and marketing. 
  • Identifying high-end national and international market segments willing to pay a premium for goods produced according to Māori values, ethics, and practices.
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