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EBFM in the Hauraki Gulf

Developing a monitoring and indicator framework for the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park

Project Leader Duration Budget
Darren Parsons (NIWA) & Adam Slater (MPI) December 2022 – June 2024 $311,000


In moving towards a holistic, inclusive, and integrated approach to managing the marine environment in Aotearoa New Zealand, an important step is for our fisheries to be managed using an ecosystem-based fisheries management approach (EBFM).  

The Government's Revitalising the Gulf strategy is a coordinated package of recommendations to restore the health and mauri of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, released in June 2021 (see our expert comment). It outlines 8 themes: fisheries, habitat restoration, aquaculture, biosecurity, marine protection, protected species, ahu moana, and governance.

In response to the fisheries theme, Fisheries NZ and DOC are developing a draft Hauraki Gulf Fisheries Plan that seeks to progress EBFM approaches. We are working together to co-develop a project proposal for a case study of fisheries indicators and monitoring framework (Stage 1). 

To assess the overall ecosystem health of the Hauraki Gulf, and determine if and how the Fisheries Plan is progressing us towards our goals for EBFM, first socially acceptable indicators must be selected that most accurately reflect the status of the fishery and ecosystem in the marine park. These indicators need to monitor the status of fisheries and other cultural, socio-economic and ecosystem components of value to iwi and stakeholders.

Research Team

Darren Parsons (NIWA)
Adam Slater (MPI)
Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)
Fisheries New Zealand (FNZ)
Department of Conservation (DOC)

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  • December 2022
    Workshop with Core Tangata Whenua Group (CTWG) and co-development partners to discuss indicator framework structure
  • March 2023
    Finalise indicator framework and review of existing Te Ao Māori indicators
  • June 2023
    Interviews to assess tangata whenua led indicator framework and workshop to initiate candidate indicators generation
  • September 2023
    Finalise candidate indicators with co-development partners
  • March 2024
    Finalise Te Ao Māori framework with CTWG and finalise overall indicator suite with co-development partners
  • June 2024
    Deliver list of final indicators to MPI; Final report describing the co-development of Hauraki Gulf fisheries system indicators; Public communication about Hauraki Gulf indicators