• Summary

Understanding multi species finfish complexes in Tasman and Golden Bay: Process overview and key insights

This is a summary of the processes behind and key insights from research into understanding multi species finfish complexes. (November 2022)


This research sought to understand possible approaches to managing multi-species finfish complexes, to support integrated multi-stock management.

A number of methods were considered to understand the socio-ecological relationships, including network models, agent-based simulation models and system models/causal loop diagram models. Systems diagrams was chosen as the tool to be used in a case study focused on the Tasman and Golden Bay mixed trawl fishery.

Initially it was anticipated we would develop a system diagram and use part of this to inform an exploratory agent-based model. However, during the development of the system diagram, the limitations of ‘layering’ the system diagram described for any single species into a series of multi-tier diagrams to provide multi-species insight, became apparent. We therefore coupled this with a multi-variate analysis.

The case study therefore focused on a multi-species finfish complex in the Tasman and Golden Bay snapper fishery, a part of Fisheries Management Area 7 (FMA7). It contributes towards understanding risks associated with mismatches of management and species behaviours, and how a collaborative modelling tool (socio-ecological model) can be used to improve analysis and advice to inform multi-species fisheries management.

  • Understanding multi species finfish complexes

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