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Touching Outward: Art-Making at the Seam Where Care Meets Risk

Longley A, K Fisher, G O'Connor, J Hutchinson (2021)
Journal of Embodied Research

  • Touching Outward: Art-making at the seam where care meets risk presents two artistic maps, iterations of a single project that explores methods for engaging diverse publics to imagine, feel, consider and care about marine-related issues of risk which impact oceans and coastlines.
  • This video article engages with the potentiality for research in marine sustainability to develop through creative practices that bring diverse communities into conversation.

  • This research asks: “How might we engage artistic processes to better understand actual and perceived risks to marine sustainability and facilitate community engagement, beyond the circulation of scientific publication?"

  • This transdisciplinary project was developed by four artist-researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds – a geographer, a performance maker, a visual artist, and a film maker

  • The researchers shift between philosophy, social science, pedagogy, ecology, performance, poetry, installation and film.

Marine Sustainability, Ecology, Risk, Poetic Inquiry, Transdisciplinary Research, Weak Theory, Oceans, Thinking with Water, Sound as Touch