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Sustainability disclosures in the blue economy

This report provides a stocktake of sustainability disclosure practices and initiatives globally and in Aotearoa New Zealand, with a focus on the blue economy/marine sectors. Peacocke L, Stancu C, Diplock J & Short K (April 2023)

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Sustainability disclosures enable organisations to report on their performance against environmental, social and governance goals. In the blue economy, sustainability disclosures vary in quality and output. This report provides a stocktake of global sustainability disclosure practices and discusses the international sustainability disclosure frameworks. Māori owned enterprises tend to embody the values underpinning sustainability reporting, as te ao Māori informs business/organisational values. The report gives insight into the sustainability disclosure practices in the blue economy. It provides an overview of disclosure practices in some marine sectors, for example, in the shipping and aquaculture sectors.

We found international sustainability standards are converging to be more consistent and comparable. Secondly, we found biodiversity and other nature-related disclosures will likely be required for reporting in the future here in Aotearoa New Zealand. As such, an opportunity exists to establish the best practice in Aotearoa for nature-related reporting for blue economy businesses.

  • Sustainability disclosures for the blue economy

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