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Repository of knowledge: mātauranga Māori

This report describes research that sought to understand the freedoms, constraints, and controls within the Sustainable Seas Challenge (and wider) on the access, use and management of mātauranga Māori gathered within individual research projects and across the Challenge.

Main findings:

  • The need to build trust and confidence in the processes undertaken with Sustainable Seas. This can be achieved through continuing the project which will include upskilling of researchers to encourage consistency and build confidence in the challenge.
  • The need to build support and confidence in ecosystem-based management (EBM). This process needs to be authentic and for this to occur, it must include Māori. For this to occur Māori communities must trust the system and processes. The repository and enabling framework provides a platform that Māori can trust.
  • The enabling framework will take time to implement and there needs to be an interim process for treating mātauranga Māori shared within projects.
  • The enabling framework needs to be socialised with individuals, iwi, hapū, research bodies and institutions, if it was to be a success.
  • The system could be applied across the broader National Science Challenge network and to encourage inter-challenge collaboration.

 August 2017

  • Respository of knowledge - matauranga Maori 2017

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