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Law and policy for marine ecosystems in Aotearoa New Zealand - where to from here?

Webinar presentation by Elizabeth Macpherson (University of Canterbury), Eric Jorgensen, and Karen Fisher (University of Auckland), August 2023

The Policy and legislation for EBM project is developing a research base for policy makers, Māori and stakeholders to navigate the legislative, policy and practice constraints surrounding EBM and any changes required to enable it. 

Recently published research from the project has highlighted critical and timely opportunities in policy areas across marine conservation, coastal planning and environmental effects assessment, fisheries regulation, and Māori rights and interests. With significant changes to law and policy already underway in these areas, there is an opportunity for ecosystem-based management (EBM) principles to be adopted as a holistic and inclusive way to manage competing uses, and demands on, marine environments in a way that maintains or improves ecosystem health.