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Exploring the use of a system diagram and multi-variate analysis to understand multi-species complexes in fisheries

This report details exploratory research on using a system diagram and multi-variate analysis to help understand how fisheries management of multi-species complexes could be achieved, and summarises the journey of applying, and the insights from the use of, the first two of these approaches. Connolly, J (May 2022)

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Species to be part of a part of a multi-species complex were identified on the basis of being caught together with the primary fish stock (snapper). This totalled six species: snapper; tarakihi; John dory; red gurnard; rig; and flatfish (in general).

The components of the system diagram created were selected during workshops between FNZ, DOC, local council and fisheries representatives and were validated by one ecologist and two fisheries scientists. They included species biology, interactions and environment relationships, fisheries information and management, and other issues that could affect fish abundances such as land-based activity, ocean acidification and climate change. Similarities between species in these components and lack of information were identified by multivariate analysis which highlighted a lack of information for many species components and varying degrees of similarities between species.

  • Multi Species System Diagram and MVA Report

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