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Estuaries in a changing world: 7 lessons for long-term monitoring

Webinar presentation by Judi Hewitt and Megan Carbines, October 2021 (31 mins + Q&A)

In this webinar, Judi Hewitt (Sustainable Seas Challenge) and Megan Carbines (Auckland Council) shared 7 key lessons for resource managers to consider when designing long-term monitoring programmes for estuaries.

The 7 lessons are based on research from our Tipping Points project and the Manukau Marine Ecology Monitoring Programme, one of the longest, ongoing estuary monitoring programmes in Aotearoa New Zealand (and are presented in this guidance).

In the Q&A, estuary and marine managers, scientists and researchers, and industry representatives shared questions, feedback on the guidance and their experiences with monitoring programmes.

Recorded: 27 October 2021

Presentation: 31 mins // Q&A session: 21 mins

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