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Describing a Bayes Decision Net tool for Tasman and Golden Bays scallop management

This conference presentation (given 2019) describes a BDN decision support tool, developed and validated using expert knowledge, for Tasman Bay and Golden Bay scallop management strategy evaluation (MSE).

This scallop MSE uses a 'structured decision making' framework approach to ecosystem-based management (EBM).

The presentation covers:

  • Contextual background to the Tasman Bay and Golden Bay (TBGB) scallop management issues investigated
  • Brief outline of the structured decision making (SDM) framework approach as applied in our case study
  • Description of the BDN used in our study and the role that expert elicitation played in its development and validation.
  • How application of our BDN model with a SDM framework allows stakeholders and managers to make informed management decisions.
  • The BDN model presented is not currently being used in TBGB scallop management decision making.
  • However, the management objectives in our MSE framework were developed in consultation with TBGB scallop stakeholders and managers.
  • Describing a BDN tool for TBGB scallop management

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