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Users of Sustainable Seas research for ecosystem-based management

This summary provides insight into the potential users of our research into ecosystem-based management. Schwarz AM, Flowers G & Hewitt J (June 2023)


A 2022 survey of Sustainable Seas project leaders identified which users of research – those who will use or directly benefit from the outputs, outcomes, or results of research – had been engaged across Phase I and Phase II projects between 2014 and 2022, and where project leaders saw gaps in engagement.

Overall, 17 stakeholder/research user categories were identified as being engaged in research from Phases I and II. Phase II projects from all six research themes were interacting with community, whānau, iwi, marine businesses, researchers, consultants, and ministries. Innovation Fund projects showed an expansion of research partners to thought leaders, industry, and leaders of iwi fisheries businesses. Additional types of users who could benefit from tailored outputs were identified. 

  • Users of Sustainable Seas research for ecosystem based management

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