• Academic publication

Sediment carbon and nutrient fluxes from cleared and intact temperate mangrove ecosystems and adjacent sandflats

Bulmer RH, Schwendenmann L, Lohrer AM and Lundquist CJ (2017)
Science of The Total Environment 599–600(Supplement C):1874

  • In situ chambers were used to measure nutrient and CO2 fluxes from cleared mangroves.
  • Low sediment-water inorganic nutrient fluxes were measured from cleared mangroves.
  • Low nutrient fluxes were related to sediment grainsize and macrofaunal abundance.
  • Higher CO2 efflux was related to increased dead root mass and sediment disturbance.

Dissolved inorganic nutrients, Sediment CO2 efflux, Macrofauna, Avicennia, Dissolved oxygen, In-situ chambers