• Digital tool

Pātaka Korero to empower kaitiaki

This online pātaka korero (digital resource) was co-developed with hapū and kaitiaki of the Tauranga Moana.

Kaitiaki can use data from marine ecology, spatial planning, real-time monitoring, and aquaculture to support their work, but finding out about and accessing these troves of science information is not always straightforward – and the format is not always readily understandable or useable.

Frontline kaitiaki are using the pātaka korero to tailor and develop information into forms that best suit them.

The tool is being used by kaitiaki and Māori communities to support their educational, research, future co-management/co-governance, and planning activities in the domain of Tangaroa.

Sensitive mātauranga Māori has been removed from this publicly accessible version of the pātaka korero.