• Academic publication

Examining the utility of a decision-support tool to develop spatial management options for the protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems on the high seas around New Zealand

Rowden AA, Stephenson F, Clark MR, Anderson OF, Guinotte JM, Baird SJ, Roux MJ, Wadhwa S, Cryer M and Lundquist CJ (2019)
Ocean and Coastal Management 170: 1-16

  • A decision-support tool was assessed for identifying spatial conservation priorities.
  • Spatial conservation prioritisation is sensitive to varying the input data.
  • Balancing the protection of VMEs and use of high value fishing areas is possible.
  • Cost to fishing was low given amount of VME habitat that could be protected.
  • Use of a decision-support tool can improve current spatial management measures.

Vulnerable marine ecosystems, Decision-support tools, Spatial management, Conservation, High seas, New Zealand, SPRFMO