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EBM: a remedy for Aotearoa New Zealand's oceans

This short animation explains what ecosystem-based management (EBM) is, and why it's needed.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s coasts and oceans are under pressure, and the way we manage our marine environments is fragmented and inconsistent.

EBM is a holistic and inclusive way to take care of our marine environments in the long-term, and for the social, cultural and economic benefit of all New Zealanders.



There is increasing pressure on Aotearoa New Zealand's oceans, which is reducing biodiversity and ecosystem resilience, affecting the health of the moana, and increasing conflict for space and resources.

We need a holistic and inclusive way to manage our marine environment and resources, and the different ways we use and value them.

Ecosystem Based Management or EBM, is based on science and mātauranga Māori and provides for Treaty of Waitangi partnerships.

EBM can be tailored to particular locations, local priorities, and different community values.

It involves collaborative decision making, and when we get more data, or things change, decisions can be adapted to suit the new situation and new opportunities.

EBM has a long-term, intergenerational outlook.

All of this means that EBM will help ensure we have healthy marine ecosystems that provide value for all New Zealanders now, and in the future.