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Conceptual system maps of ‘blue economy’ activities

This report describes 3 system maps for marine economy activities in New Zealand – wild fisheries, farmed fisheries and ecotourism. Connolly J, Lewis, N (2019)

These visualise important interconnections and feedback loops that produce patterns of behaviours observed within the systems over time.

There were many similarities, for example all were natural capital dependent, but also important differences. The regulatory mechanisms by which the two fisheries manage their stocks were quite different – one driven by the health of the fish stock itself (wild fisheries), the other primarily by the impact the operation may have as a byproduct (fish farms). Ecotourism also differed, in that it involves both consumptive and non-consumptive activities.

Justin Connolly and Nick Lewis, December 2019

  • Conceptual systems maps of BE activities - Dec 2019

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