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Atlantis model: Tasman and Golden Bays

Atlantis is an 'end-to-end' ecosystem modelling tool; it encompasses everything from sunlight and nutrients through to predators and fisheries. It can be used to explore different management scenarios.

This is a computer representation of the Tasman and Golden Bays area that can be used to mimic, and help understand, dynamics and flow-on effects from changes in the environment or its management. It allows researchers and decision-makers to test different scenarios to understand effects on the whole ecosystem.  

The model has been used to explore the implications of a range of environmental and management scenarios in the region.

It can be further developed and applied as required by iwi, decision-makers and interest groups within the region to enable EBM.

Using the model

This is a complex model that requires technical skills and modelling experience.

If you would like to know more about potential uses or the resource required, contact [email protected]