• Summary

Advancing ecosystem-based management in Aotearoa New Zealand through current governance arrangements

Discussion paper
Greenaway, A et al (2018)

Key points:

  • Ecosystem-based management (EBM) in New Zealand (NZ) could be supported by existing legislation, but it is not.
  • Elements that could be part of an EBM approach are being implemented but are uncoordinated.
  • EBM in NZ will be very specific to the NZ context and may look quite different from how EBM is developing in other jurisdictions.
  • To advance EBM, existing legislation needs to be strengthened and linked.
  • Fragmentation has been created through a lack of policy, operational leadership, and governance arrangements that do not adequately empower collaborative management processes.
  • There is a paucity of guidance material about what EBM is and might be.
  • The Treaty of Waitangi, and legislation arising from Treaty responsibilities, is a significant enabler of EBM principles.
  • Holistic management of ecological integrity and co-governance structures could be supported more fully.
  • EBM could be better enabled by a range of non-regulatory changes.
  • Resources to support implementation are required, including voluntary protocols to guide marine management, and the appointment of champions of EBM.
  • How existing frameworks enable EBM

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