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Waikato Regional Council coastal plan review

Supporting the Waikato Regional Council to review their Regional Coastal Plan with the principles of ecosystem-based management

Project Leader Duration Budget
Karen Fisher (University of Auckland) April 2021 – October 2022 $150,000


Waikato Regional Council (WRC) is currently reviewing its Regional Coastal Plan as part of the review process under the Resource Management Act to update provisions as necessary, and take into account legislative changes.

The aim of this project is to support WRC in meeting its duties and obligations by applying research from Sustainable Seas and the principles of ecosystem-based management (EBM).

Researchers from Sustainable Seas are working alongside WRC to identify possibilities to support the inclusion of EBM principles within a policy setting for the revised coastal plan, which other Regional Councils will be able to draw on when reviewing their own coastal plans.


Research Team

Karen Fisher (University of Auckland)
Julie Hall (Sustainable Seas)
Judi Hewitt (Sustainable Seas)
Linda Faulkner (Sustainable Seas)
Conrad Pilditch (Sustainable Seas)
Chris Cornelisen (Sustainable Seas)
Hannah Palmer (Place Group Limited)
Angus McKenzie (Place Group Limited)
Nancy Willems (Place Group Limited)

Co-Development Partners

Waikato Regional Council – Ross Abercrombie, Andrew Hammond, Michael Townsend, Bruce McAuliffe, Chris Staite, Raewyn Legge

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  • July 2021
    Place Group and Waikato Regional Council workshop
  • September 2021
    Report 1 (Prepared by Place Group): Ecosystem-Based Management and the Waikato Regional Coastal Plan: Gap Analysis and Recommendations for Incorporating Ecosystem-Based Management into the Waikato Regional Plan
  • December 2021
    Report 2 (Prepared by Hannah Palmer, Place Group): Incorporating Ecosystem Based Management Principles into Regional Coastal Plans
  • February 2022
    Co-development meeting: options for implementation
  • October 2022
    Presentations to:
    - Waikato Regional Council
    - Regional Councils' Coastal Special Interest Group (C-SIG)