Participatory tools

We are developing web-based tools to enable New Zealanders to interact with and use knowledge generated by our research.

Project Leader Duration Budget
Ross Vennell (Cawthron Institute) April 2016 – November 2019 $580,000


We are developing interactive web-based applications that will help inform management and decision-making in the marine environment. These tools will potentially be used by regional councils, government policy-makers, iwi and commercial fisheries.

  • Ocean Plastic Simulator - this educational online tool allows users to explore how the ocean and coast are connected by ocean flows. It is based on ocean modelling data. Users can drop virtual plastic into the ocean and discover where it will end up.
  • Bayes decision network tool - shows how management decisions in the Tasman and Golden Bay region may affect the marine environment and influence the scallop fishery. It helps users understand how their management decisions could impact the productivity and quality of the marine environment. The application uses a ‘Bayesian Network’ to connect environmental management strategies with ecosystem properties. This web-based tool requires a software license.

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This is a national project.