Posted on 10 September 2020

System mapping complete in Hawke’s Bay

System mapping is complete for the Hawke’s Bay regional study. System maps visualise important interconnections and feedback loops between variables that best explain the behaviour of a system over time.

Two areas identified by the project team and co-development partners as important for the health and recovery of the Hawke’s Bay marine ecosystem were mapped:

  1. sediment delivery into the Bay from land
  2. The effect of seabed disturbance through bottom contact activities

This identified that the largest gaps between current and desired states were:

  • Sediments entering the marine system from land
  • Benthic structure (how complex the seabed is)
  • Loss of connection with Tangaroa
  • Public satisfaction with ecosystem health

The project team is now working with Hawke's Bay Regional Council, iwi, commercial and recreational fishing, and central government partners to investigate the likely effect of potential management scenarios on environmental disturbance and recovery, and lead to improved ecosystem health.


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Find out more about the Hawke's Bay regional study, a collaboration with the Hawke’s Bay Marine and Coastal Group (HBMaC).

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