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Synthesis of Tasman Bay and Golden Bay Phase 1 research

We are integrating knowledge from our previous research in Tasman and Golden Bays to produce useful tools and resources to carry out EBM.

Project Leader Duration Budget
Emma Newcombe (Cawthron Institute) October 2019 – March 2020 (Stage 1) $30,000 (Stage 1)


During Phase I (2014–2019) many of our research projects were focused on the Tasman Bay/Te Tai-o-Aorere and Golden Bay/Mohua areas.

To maximise accessibility and use of this knowledge, we will synthesise this research into tools and resources for future ecosystem-based management (EBM) implementation and action. This project has 2 stages: 

Stage 1 

  • We collated Phase I researchdata and findings relevant to the Tasman Bay – Golden Bay area
  • We identified the best opportunity for synthesising Phase 1 research to provide the knowledge needed to support EBM in Tasman Bay – Golden Bay.

Stage 2: Proposal is currently under review

  • Co-develop the output(s) identified in stage 1
Why Tasman and Golden Bays?

This area includes both coastal and offshore waters, and a variety of marine environments; as well as many different uses, activities and interests - some of which are competing. This diversity is a good basis for developing the tools and knowledge needed for EBM.

Watch this short video to learn more:

Research Team

Chris Cornelisen (Cawthron Institute)
Marc Tadaki (Cawthron Institute)
Dana Clark (Cawthron Institute)
Charlotte Šunde (Cawthron Institute)

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  • December 2019
    Overview of Phase 1 findings and recommendations
  • March 2020
    Recommendations for tools and resources to be developed in Stage 2
  • Ongoing in 2020
    Stage 2 proposal co-developed
  • December 2020
    Stage 2 proposal submitted
  • TBC
    Stage 2 begins