Hawke's Bay regional study
08 Dec

Webinar: A systems approach to understanding marine stressors in Hawke's Bay

Many management actions do not achieve their desired outcomes due to the influence of combined or multiple stressors. Systems mapping visualises the socio-ecological connections and interactions between marine stressors to help direct management actions.

This webinar was held at 11 am, Tuesday 8 December 2020. 

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In this webinar, speakers Carolyn Lundquist (NIWA), Anna Madarasz-Smith (HBRC), Becky Shanahan (HBRC) and Justin Connolly (Deliberate) will present stage 1 of the Hawke’s Bay regional study.

A collaborative team of Hawke’s Bay stakeholders used a systems mapping approach to map two key marine stressors - sediments from freshwater and loss of benthic structure.

The systems map is a visual tool that builds a picture of interconnected factors that contribute to, and are impacted by, a certain issue(s) of interest. Once created, a map can be used to explore how any action taken will impact other parts of the system over time.

This webinar demonstrates an approach taken to use ecosystem-based management principles to describe a complex, multi-stressor, multi-sectoral marine space.

Who is it for?

This webinar is free and open to anyone, but will be of particular interest to marine managers, community groups, local iwi, hapū or whānau.

Will it be recorded? 

Yes, our webinars are recorded and made available online for anyone. 

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About the speakers

Anna Madarasz-Smith is the Principal Scientist/Team Leader for the Marine and Coast Team at Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. The focus of her investigations is predominantly on land-based impacts on marine ecosystems, particularly within estuaries, and the tools and approaches that can be used to inform management activities.

Becky Shanahan is a marine and coast scientist at Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. Her research experience has focused largely on the biological impacts of marine stressors in coastal systems which she is using to help guide management interventions.

Carolyn Lundquist is a marine ecologist with a joint position at NIWA Hamilton and the University of Auckland. Her research interests are diverse, ranging from the ecology of coastal ecosystems, to development of marine spatial planning tools, to social-scientific research that develops future visions of ‘what could be’ to inform environmental management. 

Justin Connolly is the director of Deliberate, a consultancy that helps clients understand complexity through qualitative research and the use of systems thinking. He works with local/central government, CRI's and private organisations, across a range of subject matter areas including natural resource management, climate change and sustainability.

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