Past events

Growing marine ecotourism
Credit: Dive Tutukaka
02 Dec

Webinar: Marine ecotourism – Where are we now and where are we going?

With its vast coastlines, unique marine environment and a tourism industry that is being reset along ‘regenerative’ lines, Aotearoa New Zealand is well positioned to develop a marine ecotourism sector that supports a blue economy – one that creates environmental,…

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Aerial over Manukau Harbour
Credit: Stolk/iStock
27 Oct

Zoom Webinar

Webinar: Estuaries in a changing world: 7 lessons for long-term monitoring

Over a year ago, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment released Managing our estuaries, a report that clearly outlines that many estuaries are in trouble. 

In this webinar, Judi Hewitt (Sustainable…

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The Unseen Horiztonal
22 May

Tauranga Art Gallery

The Unseen (Tauranga)

Join us for the final exhibition of The Unseen, an art-sci exhibition making the unseen marine world visible. It is the result of research from Navigating marine social-ecological systems project.

Exhibition details
22 May-24 October 2021 (extended…

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Ecological responses to cumulative effects
Credit: Ōhiwa Harbour, Sustainable Seas
20 May


Webinar: Shady business: The problem with mud in our estuaries

Our estuaries are in trouble. One of the main culprits is sediment from land run-off which can darken the waters and increases muddiness when it settles on the seabed. This can…

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Dolphin in Kaikōura
Credit: Jen Milius
27 Apr

Webinar: Cetacean conservation planning: dealing with uncertainty & data gaps

In this webinar, Fabrice Stephenson (NIWA) presented a tool that can be used to visualise cetacean diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand. This research is from the Communicating risk and uncertainty…

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The Unseen Horiztonal
09 Mar


The Unseen (Wellington)

Join us for the final exhibition of The Unseen, an art-sci exhibition making the unseen marine world visible.

This will involve a big recycling of the giant collaborative artwork first developed…

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Building a seaweed sector
Credit: Leigh Tait/NIWA
06 Mar

LEARNZ | Seaweed: An ocean of opportunity!

Seaweed aquaculture is the world's fastest-growing primary industry!Did you know that over 3 billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods? Globally, the market value of marine…

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Cook Strait RPK NIWA
Credit: Rebekah Parsons-King
03 Feb

Webinar: A step closer to a future powered by tidal currents

In this webinar, Ross Vennell will present the results from the Energy from tidal currents project, which investigated whether generating electricity from the strong tidal currents within Cook Strait is viable…

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Hawke's Bay regional study
08 Dec

Webinar: A systems approach to understanding marine stressors in Hawke's Bay

Many management actions do not achieve their desired outcomes due to the influence of combined or multiple stressors. Systems mapping visualises the socio-ecological connections and interactions between marine stressors to…

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Spatially-explicit decision support tools
Credit: Crispin Middleton NIWA 2018
25 Nov

Online / Kelburn Campus, Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington

Special session: NZGS conference

Marine spatial planning: ecosystem-based management, indigenous and local community empowerment? Organised by Karen Fisher and Hamish RennieThe conference will be run in a hybrid format: partly face-to-face and partly online. Registration…

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