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Authentic Crown–Maori co-governance and EBM

This A3 double-sided poster draws key concepts from the 'Stemming the colonial environmental tide' report, to demonstrate how an Aotearoa New Zealand legal and environmental context could support the 7 principles of EBM for Aotearoa developed by Sustainable Seas.

Side 1 of A3 poster summarising key concepts from the Stemming the colonial tide report

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The report

Stemming the colonial environmental tide focuses on analysing ecosystem-based management (EBM) through the incorporation of mātauranga and tikanga Māori and shared concurrent governance jurisdiction through Treaty of Waitangi partnerships over the marine and coastal seascape.  

The report analyses the legal enablers, opportunities and challenges at this law interface that enables shared Māori co-governance and concurrent jurisdiction over the marine and coastal area, and proposes that we embrace the EBM approach in an Aotearoa New Zealand context. This that could place us in a powerful position as a global leader. 

Mātauranga and tikanga Māori environmental perspectives deserve to be fully integrated, not treated as an afterthought or as matters placed in opposition to (or as grudging concessions to) a dominant mainstream New Zealand Western paradigm. To treat them as a separate theme would deny their potential for effective synergies. Mātauranga and tikanga Māori led shared environmental governance is what is distinct about effective environmental governance, and potentially effective EBM, in an Aotearoa New Zealand context.

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