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Posted on 24 March 2016

Requests for Proposals – Innovation Fund

A request for proposals - innovation fund will be made at the end of March 2016.

Innovation fund

Innovation fund projects will introduce new approaches, capability, research and researchers to the Challenge. The fund of $1.5million per year will support projects up to a value of $150k a year for 2 years.

Requests for proposals

Request for proposals will be sought in two areas, those that will contribute significantly to the Challenge meeting its objective: “Enhance utilisation of our marine resources within environmental and biological constraints” and will complement the research already funded within the Challenge. These projects are outlined in the Research Plan.

The second area of proposals sought will specifically address Project 2.2.2 in the Research Plan “Methods to increase diversification in marine economies” and address how we can add value to the marine economy.

The process for submitting proposals will be broken down into two phases:

Phase one:  A two page summary of the proposed research, due 26 April 2016.

Phase two: Proposals submitted in phase one will be evaluated on their relevance to the Challenge, science quality and innovation. Based on this evaluation selected proposals will then be invited to develop a more detailed proposal, due early June 2016.

The successful proposals from phase two will be notified in late August 2016.

Please note that researchers who are currently Programme Leaders or Project Leaders within the Challenge will not be eligible for funding from the Innovation fund.

The Challenge and the MBIE contestable round

If you are preparing a Contestable proposal which may have links to the Sustainable Seas Challenge and want to note this in the proposal please contact Julie Hall ([email protected]) so that the links between the proposal and the Research Plan of the Challenge can be clearly identified and documented.

  • SusSeas Research and business plan (Sept 2015)

    2.1 MB | Adobe Acrobat PDF file


  • Sustainable Seas Research Plan 2015

    1.5 MB | Adobe Acrobat PDF file

    Submitted to MBIE

  • Request For Proposals Innovation Fund October 2016

    212 KB | Adobe Acrobat PDF file

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