Posted on 01 June 2022

Media coverage in May 2022

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Auckland estuaries near ecological 'tipping points', study suggests 

StuffDegradation and recovery theme leader Conrad Pilditch was interviewed about the degradation of Auckland’s estuaries and the work he and his team are doing to understand estuary tipping points. 

The Unseen fosters good health and wellbeing

Zoo Aquarium Association Australasia – Sci-art installation The Unseen was featured for its current exhibition at the National Aquarium in Napier.

Napier estuary part of NIWA research project into contaminants

Hawke's Bay Today – Ki uta ki tai: Estuaries, thresholds and values co-leader Drew Lohrer was interviewed about the project's investigation into the freshwater contaminant loads of New Zealand estuaries. 

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