Credit: Toby Morris/The Spinoff

Posted on 22 December 2022

Joining forces for an important message

For many New Zealanders, this time of year is all about making the most of the sunshine and getting down to the beach. Whether it’s taking time to breathe, surf, fish, swim, or relax with mates, the moana plays a big role in our lives.

But it's time for Aotearoa New Zealand to have a think about what’s going on below the surface of the ocean, so we teamed up with Daylight and The Spinoff to produce an interactive cartoon which is designed to help people think differently about the moana. The cartoon is intended to raise awareness of how human activity both on the land and in the water is causing it harm. It also offers suggestions of individual actions that can help to reduce harm.

Big Blue Aotearoa was drawn by Toby Morris, a cartoonist who won Te Puiaki Whakapā Pūtaiao, the Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize, for his work conveying complex scientific information throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are thrilled with the positive feedback we have received on the cartoon so far, with multiple requests for the piece to be adapted for and used in education.

You can download a static version of the cartoon here. If this is a resource you’re interested in sharing or having on your own website, please get in touch.

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