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Posted on 01 February 2023

Introducing our new Whakatutuki section

Making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

With almost a decade of completed research, including 75 projects aimed at helping to improve the health of our seas through an enhanced blue economy, improved decision-making using an EBM (ecosystem-based management) approach and a Te Ao Māori approach, it’s important that we share this information in an accessible way.

Enter Whakatutuki, which can be loosely translated from Te Reo as ‘carrying through to completion’. This new section of the Sustainable Seas Challenge website will weave together the outcomes of the projects carried out between 2014 – 2023 and communicate the overall results of everyone’s mahi so far. What knowledge and experience were gained? What tools and resources can we provide so you can easily find the information you need?

We have developed a definition of the seven principles for EBM in Aotearoa alongside the Te Ao Māori approach to the study of marine health and Aotearoa’s blue economy, with a long-term vision that will benefit future generations. EBM is a knowledge-based approach involving diverse voices: mana whenua, local and national government, businesses and other stakeholders, scientists, and local communities.

The goal is to support policy and decision-makers to improve the health of our seas, work towards an enhanced blue economy, identify risk and uncertainty, improve decision making, and create pathways using Te Ao Māori approaches to marine management and governance.

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