Credit: Stuart Mackay, NIWA

Posted on 05 July 2017

Plenary at AMSA 2017

Director Julie Hall gave the plenary address on 4 July at the Australian Marine Sciences Association conference in Darwin.

Julie’s talk focused on improving marine management through a transdisciplinary approach: integrating social science, economics, indigenous knowledge, and marine science into decision-making.

There were around 350 attendees, including marine scientists, marine resource managers, industry people, and the local indigenous people, Torres Strait Islanders.

“The concept of ecosystem-based management and working from a transdisciplinary perspective was very well received,” said Julie. “There is definitely an appetite here for a much more integrated approach. This was highlighted in a public forum held as part of the conference to look at future marine management northern Australia.”

“I’ve had a lots of follow up conversations with people – including a marine resource manager from Indonesia – wanting to know more about how we are engaging with government and other stakeholders.”

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