Posted on 30 October 2023

Media coverage Aug – Oct 2023

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A new framework for customised marine conservation in local contexts

Scimex (Science Media Centre) – A new framework will not only help communities identify all the human activities impacting a particular ecosystem, but also understand how these interact with each other, and determine the best course of action to take (republished by

Millions of kuku discovered on traditional mussel bed

Te Ao Māori News – By accessing deep, intergenerational Māori knowledge of the harbour, Iwi, hapū, researchers, local councils, and the Ōhiwa Harbour Implementation Forum have dramatically turned around plummeting populations of kuku (republished by NZ Herald)

Future-proofing deep-sea coral conservation in Aotearoa

Scimex (Science Media Centre) – New research looks at marine conservation for deep-water corals to assess the impact of bottom trawling on coral habitats now and the effectiveness for protecting these habitats in the future (republished by

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