Posted on 15 June 2020

Leading our Vision Mātauranga

We work closely with Māori capturing their needs and aspirations for marine management in Aotearoa. We value Vision Mātauranga (VM), the government’s policy to unlock the innovation potential of Māori knowledge, resources and people. We have established a VM Leadership Group to provide support and advice around implementing VM.

Our second phase of research (2019–2024) is more focused, integrated and transdisciplinary. It emphasises the value of co-design, leadership and production to ensure tangible and lasting outputs and outcomes. Developing and implementing our research requires high levels of partnership, collaboration and participation with Māori.

The VM Leadership Group is led by our Manahautū (Deputy Director Māori), Linda Faulkner and Tangaroa Leader, Beth Tupara-Katene. It also includes Māori project leaders from across the Challenge: Dr Kura Paul-Burke; Dr Shaun Awatere; Lara Taylor; Ngarangi Walker and Dr Jason Mika.

Together they bring a strong collective experience and background in research, iwi/hapū interests, mātauranga Māori networks and connections, policy development, fisheries, relationship management and engagement.

The VM Leadership Group will:

  • Actively support each other
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Plan and develop VM initiatives, performance measures, and activities
  • Share information, networks and connections relevant to embedding VM in our research
  • Provide leadership within Themes and across Sustainable Seas
  • Build capability within the group and more broadly across each Theme
  • Provide leadership to Te Hononga (the collective of all Māori researchers in Sustainable Seas).

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