Posted on 08 June 2020

EBM: a remedy for Aotearoa New Zealand’s oceans

To celebrate World Ocean’s Day, this short animation explains what ecosystem-based management (EBM) is, and why Aotearoa New Zealand’s coasts and oceans need it.

Action is needed to ensure the coasts and oceans that are integral to Aotearoa New Zealand’s health and wealth – and our national identity – are healthy and productive for the long-term.

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Aotearoa New Zealand’s marine estate is 20 times larger than our land mass, and we have the 4th largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the world. Our marine resources include fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, oil and gas, minerals, renewable energy, shipping and more.

The sea is also an important part of the Aotearoa New Zealand lifestyle and culture – for food, recreation and spiritual well-being. 75% of New Zealanders live within 10 km of the coast, and Māori connections with the sea are particularly strong.

There is a growing conflict between Aotearoa New Zealand’s many uses of the marine environment, including its important marine economy and protection of the marine environment. EBM is a holistic and inclusive way to tackle these issues.

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Notes to editors

About EBM – The Sustainable Seas Challenge has developed a definition and principles for EBM for Aotearoa, with input from Māori and stakeholders, and is researching how EBM of the marine environment could be implemented in Aotearoa New Zealand. In Aotearoa New Zealand, any successful consideration of EBM needs to reflect the interests and knowledge of Māori as indigenous people and as Treaty of Waitangi partners alongside the Crown and its representatives. We have the opportunity to be global leaders by establishing an EBM approach that places kaitiakitanga and Māori involvement at its heart, while preserving the integrity of both, and providing for mātauranga Māori and tikanga.

About the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge – The vision of Sustainable Seas is for Aotearoa New Zealand to have healthy marine ecosystems that provide value for all New Zealanders. It brings together scientists, social scientists, economists, and experts in mātauranga Māori and policy. It is funded by MBIE and hosted by NIWA. | Twitter @Sust_SeasNZ | Facebook SustainableSeasNZ

About the National Science Challenges – Sustainable Seas is one of 11 National Science Challenges. These align and focus Aotearoa New Zealand’s research on large and complex issues, bringing together scientists and experts from different organisations and across disciplines to achieve a common goal.

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