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Virtual Lab: Te Au o Te Moana - The Voice of the Ocean

Like each of us, our oceans have a distinct voice – Te Au o Te Moana – and to hear that voice is to understand the state of its wellbeing. To enable us to hear Te Au o Te Moana, our research aims to bring together the knowledge and philosophy of two world views – western science and mātauranga Māori.

As Kāhui Māori kaumātua Joe Harawira says, understanding the voice of the ocean enables us to “be more connected with the heartbeat of Tangaroa and Hinemoana”, to turn the tide on the challenges our oceans face.

Explore how Aotearoa New Zealand research is placing the moana/ocean at its heart and working in partnership with and supporting government, Māori, industry and communities to reimagine our relationships, responsibilities and connections to the moana. 

Holistic, ecosystem-based management and indigenous knowledge are intertwined. This discussion will explore why interdisciplinary research that values all forms of expert knowledge is critical to improve the health of our seas and our future livelihoods.

It will also show how Sustainable Seas is using a uniquely designed ecosystem-based management approach to to improve the health of our seas, and provide for a sustainable marine economy. 

  • Linda Faulkner (Manahautū, Sustainable Seas)
  • Andrew Luke (Chair of Sustainable Seas Kāhui Māori, Cawthron Institute)
  • Dr Jason Mika (Sustainable Seas Project Leader, Massey University)
  • Caine Taiapa (Sustainable Seas Project Leader, Manaaki Te Awanui) 
  • Dr Shaun Awatere (Sustainable Seas Theme Leader Tangaroa, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research)

The discussion will focus on the innovative and transformative way that Sustainable Seas research places the ocean at the centre of its work through the application of ecosystem-based management and indigenous knowledge and blue economy approaches. 

UN Decade of Ocean Science - The science we need for the ocean we want 

This virtual lab is part of the First International Ocean Decade Conference, an international event that's being run by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

It is a satellite event to the Ocean Decade Laboratory - A Healthy & Resilient Ocean.

The time of this event is 6pm NZDT, which is 6am CET. 


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