• Summary

Tools and resources for marine managers

This is a research round-up of our tools and resources that are relevant to marine managers, kaitiaki and decision-makers. Many were – or are being – developed with stakeholders and Māori partners.

Some are already being used, others may require further development or adaptation by users.

This is a living document, and will be updated as more tools and resources become available. Date of last update: June 2021


The tools and resources are grouped into categories, to/for:

  • Address cumulative effects
  • Do effective marine monitoring
  • Tackle uncertainty and/or data gaps
  • Support marine spatial planning
  • Ecosystem services
  • Support tikanga/mātauranga Māori and other expert knowledge in decision-making
  • Support participatory/collaborative decision-making
  • Support transition to a blue economy
  • Support kaitiaki
  • Help explain blue economy
  • Industry sectors
  • Policy
  • Help explain what EBM is, why it’s needed, and/or where it’s happening
  • Discover other Sustainable Seas research and datasets

It also includes links to collaborative research projects with councils who are working with iwi, hapū, industry and/or local communities to ‘do’ EBM.

  • Tools and resources for marine managers

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