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Marine and coastal ecotourism operators

This interactive map visualises the location of marine and coastal ecotourism operators, and the main visitor experiences they provide. This is a living resource, the intent is to develop over time with input from the sector. (Published November 2021)

Operators that provide 'low impact (non-extractive) marine and coastal tourism activities' were identified via a web audit of publicly available information. The operators are categorised by activity type, eg kayaking/SUP (stand up paddleboarding). The activity categories can be toggled on and off to show where specific activities are happening, or show regional clusters of activity.

The summary for each operator includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Description of the experience
  • Link to their website

Businesses that operate in multiple locations have multiple entries on the map, to provide a picture of the locations of all marine ecotourism initiatives.