• Report

He Poutokomanawa

This infographic report provides an overview of some of the practices discussed throughout Whakaika Te Moana, as well as some insights into the national scale and localised barriers and opportunities for whānau across Aotearoa.

This report builds on the work described in the He Pou Kai Āwha report. We worked alongside whānau from Ōeo pā in South Taranaki and various marae of the Tamaūpoko (middle reaches) region of the Whanganui River to help identify some of those opportunities and barriers to continuing their traditional aquatic cultivation practices now and into the future.

The first section of this report provides a brief summary of the relevant legislation, policies and plans that influence whānau, hapū and iwi in the aquatic cultivation space as well as highlighting some of the potential barriers and enabling factors that are present.

A map demonstrates some of the progressive legislation and plans that aims to highlight enabling pathways for whānau, hapū and iwi to navigate aquatic cultivation, and more specifically non-commercial aquatic cultivation.

We acknowledge Rangiroa Rongonui, Gerrard Albert, Bubby Tamakehu, and Sid Tamakehu as the kaitiaki of this kōrero tuku iho in this report. The infographics and the mātauranga within them must not be used out of the context as presented in the project. Their use should always adhere to the original intent and narrative of the Whakaika Te Moana project.