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Building an interconnected blue economy in place

This report briefly reviews the blue economy Sustainable Seas programme to date and identifies three main gaps for further attention in the proposed ‘creating a blue economy in place’ synthesis project.
Kaye-Blake B, O’Donnell J & Prichard C (March 2023)

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The research in Sustainable Seas has raised challenges for the current economic system. This report briefly reviews the blue economy programme and identifies three main gaps:

  1. Distance between current conditions and the aspirational blue economy for Aotearoa New Zealand
  2. Lack of clarity on the motivational ‘spark’ to spur the development of a thriving, sustainable blue economy
  3. Uncertainty over the organisational forms that would create commitment by people and organisations to the blue economy

This report proposes a synthesis project based on three case studies. They are deliberately stakeholder co-designed and based in action learning. Their purpose is to:

  1. Investigate commitment to blue economy in places where developments are forging ahead
  2. Study and contribute to the development of blue economy in place
  3. Support development of organisational structures to institutionalise blue economy innovations.

The project would feed insights and lessons into another synthesis project that is impact-focused. It would also work alongside other synthesis projects in ecosystem-based management and te ao Māori.

  • NZIER SustSeas report BE3 stage 1

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